WiFiKill APK Free Download v2.3.2 Latest For Android


Do you have a fast internet connection but getting the low speed due usage of other peoples. To avoid that today I am going to share one of the best app with you that is WiFiKill APK latest version. This amazing apps is going to help you a lot in getting rid from unauthorized users. So if this app is according to your expectations then let’s see how we can use this app.

App Name: WiFiKill
Version: 2.3.2
Size: 0.5 MB
Developer: bponury
System Required: All Android 4.0+
Category: Tools / Apps
Price: Free

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About WiFiKill APK:

WiFiKill APK v2.3.2 is the latest version of this app. Almost everyone now a days are using internet connections and especially WiFi. You have a good and high speed internet connection. But some times you are using your internet and you feel that you internet is very slow. You also know that some other users that are unauthorized are connected to you network. Now you surely want to get rid from those without asking then. You to do that you can use WiFiKill APK and get every thing in your hand.

In this case WiFiKill APK is the best option for you. This app is very popular app and is being using used by thousand of active users. This app is getting more and more popularity due to it’s genuine working. You can also use WiFiKill APK and get every thing. Now what you can do with this app? You can get the list of all the devices connected to your network or internet. You will get all IP address and you will be able to see them. Then you can simply kill those devices then they are no longer able to connect to your network. And they will not understand that what is happen. You can get security key of any network form any network by using Router Keygen APK.

Talking about the interference of WiFiKill APK then this is just awesome. You will not mess with any option. Also you can use this app on your android tablet. Now to use WiFiKill APK use have to root your android phone or tablet. If you have not rooted your device then you can use below apps:

You can read the complete article written on all of them. Quickly download this app and get ready to use this app. Now without wasting your more time let’s see how we can install and use WiFiKill APK.

WiFiKill APK Installing and Using:

  • First of all download WiFiKill APK from our website and download link just above this description.
  • After downloading install this APK in your android phone.
  • Remember that if you have to change you android phone settings that is just go to your android settings>>security settings>>check the unknown sources. After that don’t forgot to uncheck that.
  • Just open the app and you will see some options on your screen.
  • You have to click on PLAY button and you will be jumped to another screen.
  • Now you are able to see all the devices that are connected to your network.
  • Just tap the KILL button then all the devices connected to your network will be killed means that the connection to internet will be cut off.
  • That’s it. DONE.

WiFiKill APK Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Get rid from other users
  • Gives you IP address of all connected devices
  • You can kill these devices in just on click
  • Small application size
  • Also supports android tablets
  • Control your network with this app
  • Bug Fixed
  • Some additional features

WiFiKill APK is not a spamming app that never hurt you and your android. So feel free with that.

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